Age Management

Age Management

Age Management services located in Aventura, FL

Real scientific-backed therapies can help you maximize health, even as the years pass. At Aventura OB-GYN Specialists in Aventura, Florida, Alex Birman, MD, and Anna Birman, PA-C, provide age management medicine that transforms your health. Protocols for smart nutrition, hormone balance, stress management, cognitive health, and more help you look and feel your best as you age. Call today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment and learn more. 

Age Management Q & A

What is age management medicine?

Age management medicine focuses on preventive care. Rather than just treating disease symptoms, this proactive approach to healthcare delivers life-changing outcomes by optimizing your health and discouraging degenerative aging. The team at Aventura OB-GYN Specialists helps you preserve optimal physical and mental function even as the years pass. 

Age management medicine provides deeper and more comprehensive attention than conventional care. Treatments include medical interventions and lifestyle recommendations that help improve your overall quality of life. 

Why should I focus on age management?

Age management therapies put you in control of your aging process. When your hormones are optimized and balanced and exercise and nutrition are on point, you can turn back the clock — essentially slowing down or reversing the aging process.

Many of the effects of aging that people think are inevitable, like weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, and chronic disease, are preventable with age management medicine. These “normal” effects of aging are often due to falling hormone levels, which can easily be balanced with proper interventions. 

What is involved in age management medicine?

You’ll get measurable outcomes using breakthrough technologies, evidence-based treatments, and solid science. 

The team at Aventura OB-GYN Specialists thoroughly evaluates your current health, cognitive wellness, and lifestyle. You’ll also participate in advanced diagnostic testing. 

The results from these investigations help them develop a customized health-transforming program that may include:

  • Dietary and supplement recommendations
  • Exercise protocols
  • Stress management
  • Cognitive health support
  • Nutraceuticals

Age management medicine also includes early detection and prevention of age-related conditions, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. 

Your provider uses cutting-edge therapies based on genomics, regenerative, and telomere medicine. 

How does hormone balancing factor into age management?

As your hormone levels fall as you age, you experience symptoms like low energy, insomnia, loss of lean muscle mass, forgetfulness, reduced libido, and weight gain. 

Hormone therapy restores your hormone levels to a more balanced state so you don’t struggle with these symptoms thought of as “inevitable.” You restore youthful vigor with customized hormone replacement.

The providers at Aventura OB-GYN Specialists don’t believe “normal” is optimal. You can exceed health expectations at any age. 

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